Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Expiring Contract exists to explore the awesome metaphorical power of politics to perfect mankind's understanding of what really matters in this world: professional basketball.

This blog is here because the author reads a ton of basketblogs already and wishes there were one more for him to stagger into for a fix. This blog is here because he hopes others feel the same way. This blog is here because the basketgods demand a sacrifice, and the author's time and dignity are the obvious choice.

To get started:

This is not zen and basketball (see FreeDarko) At least not as much.

This is not camp and basketball, (see YaySports or Deadspin.) At least not until I get my hands on a bootleg copy of Adobe Photoshop.

This is not stats and basketball. No qualifiers on that one. We are not here to solve the crisis on infinite Earths that is Hollinger versus Berri. I don't care if I'm down to two regular commenters -- if they're arguing over how the latest metaphysico-theologico-cosmolonigology proves Von Wafer is Oscar Robertson minus 40 minutes a game, I'm not going to be paying attention.

This blog is designed to harness the power of:

To maintain the author's professional sanity under:

And to restore his personal sanity under:

By reminding everyone of the things that matter most:

The author is a working journalist, an unabashedly experienced political blogger, and an abashedly devoted follower of the slow motion debasement on all things holy that is Knicks basketball. The Expiring Contract will draw upon all of his skills by name, ala Captain Planet, to cluster bomb your daily monotony with yet another useless blog to check in vain every half hour for an update.

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