Friday, October 26, 2007

Liveblogging Knicks-Nets

Musings on Knicks-Nets...until I head off to Brooklyn to party.

Good news for America's noblest convicted sex offender, Genarlow Wilson. After being jailed for two years he is finally free thanks to a supreme court decision. The man was convicted for having consensual oral sex at age 17 with a 15 year old, which was exactly as ridiculous a charge as it sounds, but thanks to our awful mandatory sentencing laws, the judge had no choice but to toss him in prison for years. The state Supreme Court finally noticed that this was cruel and unusual punishment thank god.

So the moral of the story is that some people are wrongly accused of sexual impropriety. There's a message a lot of the Knicks and Nets can identify with. At least three, by my count.

First Quarter:

Jeffries spinning inside and travels. It's like I can see it happen the second he touches the ball. You can't trust the guy with an open layup let alone a spin move.

Randolph sets high picks for Steph and Crawford. So far they aren't doing anything but I like the idea.

Just as background, Krstic has been off the scene for awhile because of the injury, but he seems to have the Knicks number. I saw him go something like 10 for 10 once, it was ridiculous. The defense doesn't make the effort to watch out for his perimeter shot, which is his deadliest weapon, and if they don't correct the problem he'll drive them crazy yet again.

There are Christmas ads on MSG. Isn't there some binding law that you have to wait until at least after Halloween to run these things? It was 75 degrees the other day, not exactly the holiday season.

Almost the end of the first and Steph looks terrific on both ends of the court.

Second Quarter

32-20...What happened to the offense this game? This seems like a good time to get Nate involved.

Fred Jones hits a three. I did not know he does such things.

44-38 Nets. Oh man, I've only been watching it a couple of weeks, but I am in LOVE with Randolph's jumper.

Nets have turned it over 12 times in the half and are somehow winning.

Nate goes uuuuuuup for the dunk after a David Lee block and then....clang. I can't exactly complain since I bitched him out the last game for not dunking on a fast break.

OK, it's almost the half. Off to get drunk.

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